Friday The 13th

Friday The 13thThere is no written evidence for a “Friday the 13th” superstition before the 19th century, it has actually seen its’ most popularity in the 20th century. The earliest known documented reference occurs in an 1869 biography of an Italian man by the name of Gioachino Rossini, who died on a Friday the 13th. There are several theories about the origin of the superstition of Friday the 13th. One popular theory is simply that thirteen is an unlucky number, and that Friday is an unlucky day. Putting the two together, I guess you could say it’s double the bad luck. There are many other theories, but we’ll save that for another time. So much for Friday the 13th, I sayHollywood is to blame! On an ending note, everyone keep on your toes on this “unlucky” day!


About Ashleigh

I am the Office Assistant for Arning Lawns. We service in lawn care & landscaping for Pearland, Friendswood, Webster, Clear Lake, League City, & parts of Dickinson. Arning Lawns Quality service since 1986!
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