Working From Home

Working From HomeBelieve it or not, 40% of the U.S. workforce could actually work from home. With technological advances making this possible, only 2.5% of workers telecommute. If 40% of workers who could telecommute would work from home just two days a week, it would reduce yearly carbon emissions by 53 metric tons. Not only do fewer cars mean less pollution, but also less car accidents. In 2008, there were over 34,000 traffic fatalities. For every hour you’re on the road, your chance in being in a car accident increases, this can’t happen if you’re at home.

On a good day, the average one-way commute is 16 miles. On a bad day, that number doubles to 32 miles, or 46 minutes of driving time. Meaning, you could spend an hour and a half in just driving to and from work. Not to mention the time it takes from the minute you wake up to shower, brush your teeth, fix your hair, put on your make-up (ladies), get dressed, get your children dressed, prepare and eat breakfast, drop your children off at daycare or school, and more. By the end of the day, you can spend up to an extra 3 hours “working”, due to all of this time involved before finally arriving to work, up until the time you make it back home.

Gas prices are up to about $4.00 a gallon where I live and even more in other parts of the country. Spending anywhere from $50 to $100 a week on gas can save you up to $5,200 annually, talk about saving money! Not only would not having to drive to and from work save you money, but it would also save the cost of repairs your car could face. On average, $1,200 is spent on car repairs per year. No more traffic tickets, no more parking fees (if you work in the city), these all contribute in our commute.

Going out to lunch three times a week and spending $20 each time can easily add up to $60 by the end of the week, costing you $240 a month! With fast food hard to avoid because of its convenience on a work day, at home, you can make your own meal for a much lesser, healthier price. Not only can working from home save you money on gas, car maintenance, and food, but on business attire. The average American worker will spend an average of $1,500 per year on work attire, depending on where they shop. Working from home, who do you have to impress? Put on those favorite sweats of yours and be comfortable all day!

In the end, working from home cannot only save you time, but up to a whopping $10,000 spent on gas ($5,200 per year), car repairs ($$1,200 per year), take-out food ($2,880 per year), clothes ($1,500 per year), and more… Reality check! Working from home can’t only cut out costs, but can help you to spend more time with your family, remove stress and anxiety; you get fewer distractions from your co-workers, less or no phone calls, no more having to hear that loud radio next to you, and more. At home, you can tend to get more done in less time because you don’t have all of these distractions. With working from home requiring you to be more disciplined, you are building character and developing good habits that can last a lifetime.

Ashleigh Argo, Office Assistant of Arning Lawns


About Ashleigh

I am the Office Assistant for Arning Lawns. We service in lawn care & landscaping for Pearland, Friendswood, Webster, Clear Lake, League City, & parts of Dickinson. Arning Lawns Quality service since 1986!
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