Pruning a Live Oak

Pruning a Live OakThe majestic live oak trees can rise to heights of 80 to 100 feet. Native to the Southern United States, they can be found along the coast of southernVirginiato the Gulf Coast of Texas. They grow quickly and can live up to hundreds of years. Live oaks got their name from their leaves staying green during the winter while other trees have bare branches. You can prune, or trim, a live oak tree yourself, but they need to be pruned sparingly or they can be slow to recover if pruned excessively. The timing of pruning a live oak is crucial and should be done in late winter or early spring, before the trees leaf out.

In pruning a live oak, first make sure to remove any diseased or dead branches by cutting off flush with the trunk. Secondly, prune out any branches that rub against another branch where they cross. Also, prune out any branches that brush up against any structure like a roof or building. Make the cuts flush with the trunk or larger branches. Next, you all smaller and lower branches should be removed, which will help push growth to the upper branches, enhancing the tree’s health. Make sure any branches that are growing vertically are also removed since their structure is made up of horizontally orientated branches. Lastly, seal all cuts with a non-phototoxic wound sealer or black spray paint as soon as possible.

Because lives oaks can live for such a long time, it is very important to develop a proper trunk and branch structure in the early life of the tree. Following planting a live oak, the tree should be pruned each year for the first three years, then every five years until the age of 30. This process will help ensure a strong, long-lived tree. Live oaks are adapted to drought and can take a long time to die, as they have a reputation for being a tough tree.

Ashleigh Argo, Office Assistant of Arning Lawns


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