Texas Turf

Got grass?Texas can be divided into four climatic regions which include the North-Central Plains, the South-East Coastal Plains, the Great Plains lying North and North West in Texas, and the Trans-Pecos Mountain area West of the Pecos Valley. The growing season ranges from 185 days in the Northern areas to over 300 days in the Southeast. Rainfall is an important factor in lawns with a range of 50 plus inches in the East to 10, or even less, in the Western areas. Soils are another important factor in lawns and vary greatly, as lime is usually required in the Southeast.

The most popular grasses found in Texas are St. Augustinegrass and Bermudagrass. Due to the lack of survival in the winter, St. Augustinegrass is restricted to areas with mild winter temperatures. Though it thrives in high temperatures, its’ growth is better than that of Bermudagrass in cool, coastal climates. Bermudagrass is considered the “South’s Grass” and grows in tropical, sub-tropical, and the transition zones, which is why it is mostly found in the Gulf Coast areas as it is the best warm season grass.

Though these are the most popular grasses in Texas, you can find others in the state. Other warm-season grasses include Centipedegrass, needing little care, Zoysiagrasses, being more costly, Buffalograss, which is drought resistant, and Carpetgrass, which grows best on wet soils. Cool-season grasses include Tall Fescue, which tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, Perennial ryegrass, which is suited for over seeding warm season grasses, and Kentucky bluegrass, which is limited in use to mainly panhandle areas ofTexas.

Ashleigh Argo, Office Assistant of Arning Lawns

source: http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/extension/xeriscape/table1.html


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